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Mr. Grushecky, I saw your article on and I am totally inspired by the causes you take on and the difference you make. I am creating a fundraiser for children with bleeding disorders here in Utah. I am inviting the Houserockers to come and join us to celebrate the extraordinary lives of these children and help raise money to teach them self-treatment and lifelong health habits. Please contact me at the email above and let's talk! Michael P. Malone
Mon March 07th, 2005 00:00 AM SALT LAKE CITY
Hi Joe, Nice article on CNN. Keep up the good work! Nice to see your son, he's certainly grown since the last time we saw him. Take care. Cousin Walt and Sandy P.S. I e-mailed the link to all the Grushecky's I had e-mail addresses for. Congratulations again!
Mon March 07th, 2005 00:00 AM Traverse City, MI
hi joe long time no see.i just wanted to congratulate you on the grammy and the cnn the rest of the world will know what we've known for 25 years.hopefully jeff,bibs and i and the rest of the uniontown wrecking crew can get out to see you soon. take care RED
Mon March 07th, 2005 00:00 AM Shippensburg PA
Don't know about the rest of you, but I've received a bunch of e-mails friends alerting me to the CNN piece, even from those who don't follow the band. And they all loved the story. Thanks Joe, and the band, for giving me another reason to be proud that I'm from Pittsburgh.
Mon March 07th, 2005 00:00 AM Annapolis, MD
Maria Maria
Just heard "Shape I'm In" on WDVE. Val Porter did a story about the website feature on Joe. She said it's in the Entertainment section. Jimmy Krenn really praised Joe, too!
Mon March 07th, 2005 00:00 AM
Hi Joe,how is it going?Its me,the guy whos girlfriend always end up sharing stage with you to sing twist and shout,like in Barcelona the last summer.Hope you and the guys are all right,i heard you comming this summer too and also that the show you did in Barcelona will be release in DVD,that was a fantastic concert o yes! Here is cold but we,ll wait patiently to see you DOWN THE ROAD A PIECE.....May you count with our support always!Take care!And keep on rockin my friend!
Mon March 07th, 2005 00:00 AM SANTANDER (Spain)
Hi - We've moved to a new guestbook tool due to the problems I was having with the old one...This should work much better.

This version includes a search feature, and will let us save several thousand messages.

NOTE - to avoid the spam messages we received before, you will need to type in a code (characters) that will be prompted before you save your message!!

Sorry but I don't have any easy way to copy the old messages...I manually copied a bunch of them.
Mon March 07th, 2005 00:00 AM lost
Joe, I was reading about you on the CNN web site. As soon as they mentioned you were from Pittsburg, I knew you were part of the house rockers. Back in the very late 70's the houserockers played a joint in Rochester call the penny arcade. You guys brought a ton of Iron city beer with you. I was helping out the sound man, a local guy. You guys were great. You rocked, and the band was a bunch of really nice guys. As you said, the band was inches from breaking into the big time, and you all treated us like equals. Thanks for the memories, and the Iron city beer. Keep rocking!!
Mon March 07th, 2005 00:00 AM Rochester New York
Great new guestbook. Let's hear it...(I'm only posting this cause I'm trying to think of something new). Your top three gigs where Joe or the band played with a musician or musicians some would consider a celebrity (Only one Bruce show allowed): '96 American Babylon with Bruce; '94-I THINK-with The Band (Rick Danko and "Can't take off these Rock and Roll Shoes." Third would be Pete from the Knobs.
Mon March 07th, 2005 00:00 AM Greeensburg
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